Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Blast from the past...Millenworks JLTV candidate!

How many remember the Millenworks JLTV candidate?  This was my personal favorite and it would have NICELY bridged the gap (in my opinion) between the protection of the JLTV and the original "go anywhere" ability of the Humvee.

The iron triangle is a beast and its my view that we've tilted it too far toward protection and ignored mobility.  The Millenworks JLTV was fast, carried a metric butt ton of gear and was a bit smaller than its competitors so would have been better on the strategic mobility scale.

Too bad the selection committee didn't see (as if anyone could) the battlefield of the future.  If they could then we'd probably see Millenworks JLTV in motor pools in the Army and Marine Corps.

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