Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Pic of Indonesia Medium Tank Hull...is this the future of USMC armor?

Thanks to Dwi for the link!

That's a bare bones look at the future Indonesian Medium Tank's hull but I think the bigger issue is the future of USMC armor.  I know!  We've been over this ground before but I'm at a loss.  I'd really like to know where leadership is with the issue.

One possible future?  We toss away Main Battle Tanks and instead form "Amphibious Assault Battalions" in a new way.  Under one enlarged roof we have Tanks in ACV 120mm Gun Versions, Carriers, Engineer, Medevac, Command/Control etc...and the other future?  We stay the course.  A third option?  We develop a Medium Battle Tank, dump the heavy Abrams and make the tankers expeditionary by making them lighter.

My issue?  We've got to get tanks off the sidelines in our planning.  We've got to get them aboard ship in a big way, involved in even minor exercises and plotting their future.  Ideally we'd get the Ground Community to get off its ass, stop being stunted by these silly social experiments and focused 100 percent on how we're gonna set ourselves up to fight in the future.

We'll see what happens.

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