Sunday, March 19, 2017

Exchange between Kirsten Gillibrand and & General Robert Neller

The Marine Corps tribe is pissed about the above video.

Ignore the fact that the blog "Task and Purpose" obviously have an agenda.  Forget the fact that even though I surf  the web constantly I never heard of the site that is at the center of the alleged infractions.

Forget the fact that apparently the "victims" never reported the incidents up thru the chain of command.

The fact that a Congress Critter talked to the Commandant of the Marine Corps like a dog has many Marines wanting to punch walls.  That he bowed his head and took it like a whipped little boy is too much is too much for many to bear.

We're jumping thru massive hoops to deal with 10% of the Marine Corps population.  Is it really worth the headache?  Just askin!  Regardless we need more than a bowed head from the leader of the nation's premier  war fighting organization.  We need fire.  Fix the bullshit and move on but don't dare bow your head.  Even to a female Congress Critter trying to showboat!

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