Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Graham/McCain and the Trump investigation...My take....

This is just my take on things so your mileage may vary.

Everyone has heard about Graham/McCain demanding to hear from the FBI if they wire tapped the Trump Campaign.  They're loud and proud with it and they're demanding that he tell the House/Senate instead of just the gang of eight.

Meanwhile the FBI Director has been closed lipped and we're hearing nothing from the other intel agencies.

This in my mind is so obvious that I'm amazed that all the intel experts haven't honed in on it.  Before the election the FBI and intel agencies were scouring the web and using enhanced surveillance to try and gather any link between Trump and the Russians.

They obviously found nothing.  If they had then the Obama move to spread the files on the Trump "affair" as widely as possible would have detailed a link and we'd be in the middle of a constitutional crisis.

But they haven't.  So there is nothing to that.

What's going on is that the FBI and other intel agencies are involved in a counter intel operation.  The Senate/House and the biggest mouth pieces (Graham/McCain) are threatening to blow it all up.

If I'm right then the "premier" security experts in the US Senate are messing up an ongoing operation.

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