Wednesday, March 15, 2017

US Marines are to report online posting that don't reflect on Marine values????

Check this out.  It's from a Pacific Marines Facebook Post....
Take a minute to check out the social media guidance -- ALMAR 008/17 -- released by U.S. Marine Corps and pass the word about appropriate online activity concerning Marine Corps-related topics. If you see something online that doesn’t jive with our core values, or that brings discredit upon our Corps, report it!

Just plain wow.

One scandal that involves a handful of Marines is going to turn into a freaking witch hunt?  The Marine Corps has lost its way!  I am at a loss.  The 7th Fleet has officers that are going to the brig or plea dealing, Marines are hookin' and jabbin' in Syria, the Wing is in disarray, we have Marines about to head to Afghanistan to take over from the Army and this is the headline news?

Overreaction much?

I thought I had seen it all when the Commandant sat looking like a whipped little boy while a female Senator berated him but now this? Simply amazing.

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