Thursday, March 16, 2017

Just a reminder. M1 Tank Test Bed!

Check the specs boys!  Nothing is new under the sun!  We had an Armata - like tank too, but never pulled the trigger!  Did you guys forget about the M1 Tank Test Bed????

Bonus Coverage!  Below is a pic of the Falcon turret mounted on a Challenger MBT chassis made and sold by KADBB!  Same concept but no one has bit on it yet!   On a personal note, long time followers of mine will note that this was a subject that Sean Meade over at Aviation Week let me publish on his site.  His encouragement helped me to start this blog.  I wonder how he's doing?

What is my point?  The concept that the Armata is following has been out there a while now.  The difference is that the Russians had the courage to see a concept and pull the trigger on it.  We have tons of "blasts from the past" that would serve us well today. We just haven't followed thru.

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