Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Pentagon is planning for a mega city fight? They're out of their minds!

Thanks to Filippo for the link!

 An image of Deir ez-Zor's devastated city centre 
The above image is from Oryx Blog.  I don't know how Filippo found it but this is a must follow photo essay on hillbilly armor in the fight in Syria and a general overview of urban fighting.  Check it out here.

When I saw this pic the first thing I thought is what a meat grinder that is.  The next thought is that the Pentagon is crazy to be planning a fight in a mega city if a relatively small Middle East city looks like this!

I've flippantly said that you could send entire Divisions into mega cities and they'd become "lost".  Not lost as not having their bearings but lost as in not knowing what happened to them.

I can actually see a 15,000 man Army Light Infantry Division being gobbled up never to be heard from again.

The next thing that occurred to me is this.  How are you gonna fight armor in this can of environment?  You would wear out your combat engineers before you even went a mile into a mess like this!  How is your air support gonna provide fires in this mess?  I'm not even talking about massive skyscrapers that you would find in a major city!  Simply multi-story buildings would render them ineffective.  Same applies to artillery.  Maybe mortars could be of some help....but I have my doubts.

A mega city fight?  The Pentagon is on crack!

Side note:  We're working hard on counter UAV technology but I'm wondering if we're gonna see Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devises showing up around the world on various battlefields and eventually on city streets in the west.  Below is a pick of an IFV converted to VBIED use and all I can think of is Oklahoma City or the truck attacks in France and Germany.  What if they had used big rigs to crash into the lower floors and set off their bombs?  When will some terrorist get the bright idea to use an armored car or fashion hillbilly armor onto a big rig and load it full of fertilizer bombs to take out a school or mall?  I don't have a very active imagination so if I can think of this trash then so can the bad guys.

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