Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pic of the day. Armata MBT in the wild! Updated!

Thanks to s300v4 for the link!

The Armata MBT is a good looking vehicle but I really expected it to be lower profile.  That turret almost looks large enough to be manned.  I don't know if anyone has done a size comparison but it seems that by going with a big gun RWS and an armored capsule for the crew, the size of their vehicles have actually increased (we know that to be true from pics during the last May Day Parade).  Have the Russians added that much more armor to their new tank?

Note:  It just occurred to me.  Could this turret be optionally manned? From reading  the comments, it seems that the Russians would have to know the dangers of a blind and dumb crew if all the electronics were knocked out.  It would only make sense to have the option to man the turret if things went bad due to combat action or a simple malfunction.  Just a thought.

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