Thursday, March 30, 2017

The USMC's "Battles Won" Ad Campaign is a failure...

I've been more than disappointed in the "Battles Won" ad campaign.  I've been borderline furious.

They just don't sing.

The touchstones to the past are missing.  The call to challenge one's self is fleeting at best.

They're weak sauce.

The solution?  Fire the ad company and get back to basics.  Did you see the above vid?  Now compare that to what the US Army is putting out (below).

The funny, wall pounding, makes you want to bang your head on your desk?  We see this weak sauce the USMC is putting on TV while the Army shows its soldiers doing Marine shit!  The irony is amazing.  The change of position telling.  The pussification of the Marine Corps obvious.  It's just past 6am but I need to get a drink.

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