Tuesday, March 14, 2017

US Navy's 7th Fleet is filled with corrupt current/former officers...

Thanks to Dave for the link!

Story here.  No tidbits, no previews.  Go read it over at the Washington Post.

Be prepared though.

If I'm reading this right then we have a serious problem.  Fat Leonard did more than just push a criminal enterprise.  My guess (and officials aren't saying) is that our entire playbook was practically laid open.  This was about more than "lucrative" defense contracts.

I sincerely believe this was a covert operation.  Fat boy should be in Gitmo undergoing "enhanced interrogation" by bald farm boys with porn moustaches that inject Test/Tren/Diabol stacks and spend four hours a day in the weight room...and then we need to find his friends.

This is bad.  Real bad.

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