Saturday, April 22, 2017

The current state of the Marine Corps...

Check out the below passage...
The Marine Corps is a fermenter; it is divided into two distinct camps—the Old Salts and the Boots—who are forever warring: the Old Salt defending his past and his traditions against the furious assault of the Boot who is striving to exalt the Present at the expense of the Past, seeking to deflate the aplomb of the Old Salt by collapsing this puffed-up Past upon which it reposes.
But the Boot will forever feel inferior to the Old Salt; he must always attack, for he has not the confidence of defense.
The moment he ceases to slash at Tradition with the bright saber of present deeds, the instant he restrains that impetuous sword hand, trusting instead to the calm eye of appraisal—upon that change he passes over to the ranks of the Old Salts and ceases to be a Boot forever.
Youth rebels and age conserves; between them, they advance. The Marines will cease to win battles the moment either camp achieves clear-cut ascendancy.
Helmet For My Pillow, by Robert Leckie (via uss-edsall)
Makes sense....but I ask....Are the boots and the feminists and the "transformationalist" tilting the axis?

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