Saturday, April 22, 2017

Every Day Carry. What makes a flashlight tactical?

The flashlight above is the Nitecore P10GT.  It's labeled on Battery Junction as both a tactical and everyday carry flashlight.

My question is simple.  What makes a flashlight tactical?

Personally I like the clicker on the back (side switches which are all the rage today are just a pain in the ass to find) and I wanted more than 600 lumens (on a cloudy night in Louisiana it gets DARK!).

Anyway my searching of Battery Junction continued and when I checked out the "tactical lights" the main distinguishing feature was crenelated bezels.

Is that what makes a flashlight tactical?  Or is it simply if a matter of how a flashlight is used?

Does that cheap Rayovac that puts out 9 lumens on two D-cells and goes for 1.75 become tactical if a cop's light goes out in the middle of shift and he has to search a building for a burglary suspect?

Do labels even matter anymore?  If not then are we paying a premium unnecessarily?  These aren't burning questions but I wonder.

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