Thursday, April 27, 2017

What I'm NOW looking for in a flashlight...

used for example purposes only....I have no opinion on this light....

On an earlier blog post I asked the question...what makes a flashlight tactical?  The responses were all over the map and in the end I guess it really doesn't matter.  What does matter?  How I plan on using it.  I want something small and lightweight that I can have at my side during times of darkness.  Do I need a crenelated bezel?  I'm not a kubaton dude.  I've never tried to learn that stuff so no, I don't think I'll be using my light to try and do strikes (if I did then I'd simply by an old 3 D-cell Maglite).  Basically my use will be classified as "everyday" carry.

Even better though is that we have people in our tribe here at SNAFU! that are still in the business of putting bad guys down...both here in the states and overseas.

Tony made the following statement that needs to be highlighted...

I don't know about definitions, but I can explain what a low light course taught me.

1. Have a flashlight that uses non rechargeable batteries. No electronics in the battery to mess up and have it die for no reason. I'm sure this is based on the least common denominator on people who will spend $200 on a light and bitch about paying 30 instead of 20 for a good battery. Kinda like the idiots open carrying a $1k pistol with a $20 Uncle mikes holster.

2. To blind someone's vision at night you need over 80 lumens. They can't see past the light or to their side. Note most lights produce high output for 1 or 2 min then start dropping depending on their discharge rate. Surefire is actually pretty bad about this to advertise higher output.

3. The electronics of the flashlight need to be durable. This is why Surefire has a good rep. It was made to be a gun light first so it can take a beating. Also why they don't use rechargeables or if so single unit batteries not multi packs.

4. Loud clickers suck. Even if someone doesn't see the light yet they may hear the clicker.

5. Strobe settings are worthless because they are not random enough. You brain picks up on the pattern very fast.

6. Crenelated bezels look cool, but throw one in your pocket for a few hrs and it's not comfortable. Oh and for those that say man up a few weeks later your pocket is tore up and useless.
I'll be taking this advice to heart.  I'm scouring the Battery Junction website to find my new pocket carry flashlight.

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