Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Advanced Tigr armored vehicles being sought by Russia.

via Russia Defense Beyond The Headlines.
Russia’s Military Industrial Company has started developing a new generation of the Tigr (Tiger) armored vehicles, with the first model likely to be rolled out in 2018, the company’s CEO, Alexander Krasovitsky, told TASS.

"The development of the next-generation Tiger armored vehicles has been launched. The Defense Ministry has welcomed this project and has earmarked funding for it," he said.

According to Krasovitsky, the company’s engineers are now working on sketches for the new "Tigers".

"I think we will see this vehicle next year ‘in the flesh’," he added.

Earlier Krasovitsky told that the new vehicle will have a heavy-lift capacity and a V-shaped undercarriage and more comfortable seating for the combat crew and landing troops. The vehicle will also get Class 1, Class 2, and, over time, Class-3 protection under the common technical requirements.

I note with a bit of alarm that the US is the only country to go the "light weight" MRAP route when it comes to these utility/combat vehicles (the British Foxhound would be an exception but they're rapidly moving that vehicle out of service).

Everyone else is sticking with uparmored HUMVEE type rigs.

What do we know that they don't or vice versa?

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