Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Is it our Combat Logistics Element that separates us from the others?

The Marine Corps is known for Infantry that will push onto the objective no matter what.  Tankers that will take hit after hit and remain in the fight till they win.  Air support that will brave enemy fire to provide precision fires or evacuate an injured service member no matter what the odds.  Artillery that will fire till their guns glow in the dark yet will continue to conduct fire mission after fire mission till the job is done.  You know the saying...."Marines win Battles!"

But is the thing that truly separates the Marine Corps from all others our Combat Logistics Element?

I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't at least a MUCH under appreciated part of our combat formations.

What sparked this "re-think"?  That Rand study that I posted earlier today regarding the French movement in Mali.  

But if this is the case then it makes me wonder on a couple of other subjects too.  I can measure and quantify the dangers of conducting 400 mile raids via MV-22 from the ship to the objective.  Even a simple blogger can easily point out the issues, problems and even potential solutions with deploying a force that far.

But what about sustaining them?

How do you size a logistics group (assuming that they will truly be operating independently) to support a Company Landing Team?

The sad thing?  I don't even know the right questions to ask...yet!  But I will.  Move over Think Defense....I might need to dabble a bit in the logistics side of things if I'm going to get a better understanding of the Marine Corps REAL combat power.

Consider this a heads up.

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