Sunday, May 07, 2017

Athlean-X...the best workout site on YouTube.

If you're like me and you watch YouTube to get the latest and greatest stuff coming out of the fitness industry then you've been a bit pissed for the past couple of years.

Instead of real information we've been getting bombarded with all kinds of Kim Kardashian type drama.  Even the guys that once talked about the science of exercise and how to improve performance have started to dip more into the controversial side of things instead of focusing on the subject.

Athlean-X is different.  

I've been watching this guy and its like a baby sports science course.  He talks about movements, discussing the muscles that get tied in to each rep you do, tells you what exercises are most efficient to build muscle mass, what exercises to avoid like the plague and mind/muscle tie in for better performance.

Do yourself a favor.  Follow Athlean-X on YouTube.

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