Monday, May 22, 2017

Blast from the past. HMS Ardent meets her fate.

via Royal Navy Pics.....On this day 35 years ago HMS Ardent, supporting the British amphibious landings, is hit by Argentine bombs, she sinks 22 May, killing 22 sailors R.I.P 

I'm somewhat surprised that proponents of the Company Landing Team concept don't push the Battle of the Falklands as a scenario where it would shine.

It's almost the perfect example of where Air-Sea Battle would be decisive (as it was originally conceived).  Think about it.  We saw massive air and sea engagements.  We saw amphibious landings by both forces.  We saw the defenders fail to repulse those attacks (for either side).  And finally we saw how relatively small ground forces could effectively alter the strategic course of the war (whoever held the Falklands effectively held the "high" ground...that's where the Argies failed badly...they should have pushed hard to reinforce that garrison with more troops and used the airport to forward base fighters, not just COIN aircraft).

My plate is getting full.  Gotta look at Marine Corps Logistics, a couple of books that have been recommended to me and now I need to take a different look at the Battle of the Falklands.

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