Monday, May 22, 2017

That little fat N. Korean is actually aiming for the US!

Thanks to Olgerts for the link!


This is why I put Russia so far down the list of threats to the US and why I think we should seek to join forces with them instead of pick fights!

That little fat N. Korean bastard is actually aiming for the US!  Even worse?  He's targeting a military base not that far from me.  Kinda partial to having a radiation free backyard ya know!

Real world threats to the security of the US?

1.  Terrorism.

2.  N. Korea (cyber and nuclear tech to include sharing it with other rogue states/groups).

3.  China (economic, military, cyber...they seek supremacy, not cooperation, and are a clear/present danger).

4.  Outlaw Hackers (have the ability to shut down power plants, hospitals and even security networks just for giggles...this threat is underplayed and is extreme).

I could go on but suffice it to say that Russia isn't even in my top ten.  The little N. Korean fat fuck is!

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