Friday, May 19, 2017

Great news on the next Marine Corps Battle Rifle....

Thanks to John for the link!

via Soldier Systems
The Marine Corps has issued a Sources Sought Notice to identify technologies for the upcoming Marksmanship Technology Demonstration (MTD) 2017 which will be held at Calvin A. Lloyd Range Complex, Weapons Training Battalion, Marine Corps Base Quantico from 19-21 September 2017 and is aligned with Modern Day Marine. This is a closed demonstration.

Weapons Training Battalion (WTBn), Marine Corps Base Quantico, is the proponent for marksmanship for the United States Marine Corps. As such, this demonstration will identify current and emerging technologies that demonstrate possible solutions to marksmanship gaps and inform Marine Corps future requirements development.

Last year, the Marines looked at Marine load and protection issues. This year, MTD 2017 will focus on five technology areas:
1. Small arms automated smart static targets
2. Small arms automated smart mobile targets
3. Infantry Rifle
4. Infantry Rifle Suppressors
5. Infantry Rifle Optics
Story here. 

Covering the Marine Corps is like being in an abusive relationship.

One moment you want to shoot it in the face, the next you love it forever.  This move falls into the "love forever" category. I love it!

Note:  We know what we want in a next gen battle rifle.  Time to simply source the parts that we need to make the M4/M16A4 perform to our standards and piece it together.  The M16A5 that was proposed years ago can easily be built with little trouble at the local armory level.  I'd bet most Marines can do the work themselves if the Corps bought the parts!

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