Friday, May 19, 2017

The game to provide cover for the Brits aircraft carrier begins.

U.S. Marines forward deployed to the 3rd Marine Division, as part of the forward Unit Deployment Program, participate in a vertical assault off a British Merlin Mk3 helicopter on the Island of Tinian, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Marines and Sailors are embarked on the French BPC Mistral amphibious assault ship for the two week integrated exercise, Jeanne D’ Arc. The French-led exercise strengthens strategic partnerships and exercising freedom of navigation operations across the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. 

In the vid above you see US Marines launching a raid aboard a Merlin Mk3 and embarked aboard a French Mistral.

My question is why?

Why is the USMC pushing this concept so hard?  Why is the Marine Corps pushing the force toward the breaking point for no obvious reason?

This concept of embarking aboard foreign ships is STUPID in a handbag!  There are so many variables and possible roadblocks to it that it would require a separate blog post to cover them all.

The sad part of this?

It's only a smoke screen to pave the way to cover for the Brits when they finally put their aircraft carriers into service.  The idea is to deploy USMC F-35's aboard them so that critics can't rightly claim that the UK just bought the world's most expensive helicopter carriers.

So now we aren't only mercenaries for the GCC but we're also fools for the British....This is fucking disgusting.  

NEVER ONCE has HQMC explained why this is necessary.  NEVER ONCE has HQMC explained how this enhances USMC capabilities.  Procurement games have gone international.  The F-35 is the biggest source of corruption in the US military and should be killed.

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