Tuesday, May 09, 2017

I hate big govt, but we need a US Mi-5 type agency.

You know what the biggest failing of the Bush Admin was?  They setup the Dept of Homeland Security by putting existing agencies under a single roof but failed to get at the root of the problem with the 9/11 hijackers.

They didn't establish an internal security agency.  Ala, a US Mi-5.

The firing of Coney shows that the FBI has issues with juggling the domestic law enforcement and intel sides of the fence.  Yeah they were able to do the job during WW2 and the 50, and 60's but the dress wearing director at the time was a much more formidable figure (funny to say that huh...guy is a crossdresser in private and a raging lunatic at work...is this the duality of man playing out?).

Regardless and forgive my musings but we need an Mi-5.  An agency that can get down and dirty internally.  Don't read me wrong.  I hate the thought.  I hate big govt and the idea of ANOTHER internal security agency makes me sick but the FBI has been found wanting.

What do you think?

Could we maybe shelve a couple of other agencies to stand up our Mi-5 or would we be adding something to the mix we already have?

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