Wednesday, May 10, 2017

FNSS is killing it (part 1)

I told you IDEF 2017 would be worth watching and FNSS is giving us a great view of their new lineup.  FNSS is killing it!  This is a quick and dirt of their turret lineup.

*   Low In-Vehicle Trail and High Firepower: TEBER-30/35 Remote Command Tower

The TEBER-30/35 Remote Command Tower (UKC) provides armored combat vehicles with a high firepower, in-vehicle towers, without an extension. The commander and the sniper control the tower from the console in the vehicle; So there is a large volume of space for personnel and other equipment in the vehicle.

*  TEBER-30 Two-Person Tower, Will Be New Reference Point in the Field

The TEBER-30 Two-Person Tower, developed by FNSS, is being prepared as a new reference for the manned towers used in armored combat vehicles.


Real nice!

You have to give FNSS credit.  The only armored vehicle companies that seem to be as innovative (that we can track publicly) is BAE and General Dynamics (although GD seems to be getting more and more secretive).  They are pumping out products and doing the general public a favor by giving us a peek at the stuff they're doing.

I like it!

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