Friday, May 19, 2017

What is up with the Anti F-35 community?

A certain writer at Business Insider has written a series of article that I thought were "fawning" in its coverage of the F-35.  Certain individuals in these articles were making claims that I found ridiculous.

So I wrote the guy and expressed my dismay and disappointment.  I wasn't rude (I was faking it) and was polite as I could be.

To my surprise he responded and told me that if I could find someone to present critical information that he would write it up and post it immediately.

My response?  Oh really?  Seriously?  Game on cowboy!  We can do this!  I know several knowledgeable people you can talk to that will eviscerate the idiocy of the arguments made by the people you interviewed!  Give me a fucking week!  I'm all over this shit!

Week is over.

No one stepped up.

What is up with the anti F-35 community?

Most talk shit in private but are scared to step up?  Amazing!  What was that? You ask why don't I do it?  Easy!  Because I know generalities but I'm not an aviation guy.  I don't know the in's and out's well enough to make the case.

If you want to know why the anti F-35 people might lose this fight......This is why.  The geeks that know this shit are fucking cowards.

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