Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Huge fire in London Apt Building. Let's ask out loud what everyone is this terrorism?

Let's ask out loud what everyone is thinking.  Is the fire in the apt building in London terrorism?

Quite frankly I'm surprised this hasn't been used before.

And note I'm assuming it is terrorism which it might not...but if you start a fire on the bottom floor of a multistory residential building...if you use an accelerant that spreads rapidly and is difficult to put out....if you catch the residents while they're sleeping...

Then you could have a tragedy that boggles the mind.

The taller the apt building the better.  How many of you city dwellers have a way down from the 5th floor much less the 27th?

This could be the next vulnerability and there is really NO WAY to safeguard against it.  Too many people entering and leaving at all times of the day/night...too many delivery / service personnel taking care of the needs of the citizens or upkeep of the building.

This could be the perfect terror assault target.

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