Monday, June 05, 2017

Japan holding evacuation drills for a "missile attack"

via Stars and Stripes.
A Japanese town conducted an evacuation drill Sunday amid rising fear that a North Korean ballistic missile could hit Japanese soil.

More than 280 residents and schoolchildren from Abu, a small town with a population of just over 3,400 on Japan's western coast, rushed to designated school buildings to seek shelter after sirens from loudspeakers warned them of a possible missile flight and debris falling on them.

The drill follows three consecutive weeks of North Korean missile tests. Last week, a missile splashed into the sea inside Japan's 200-mile exclusive economic zone off the country's western coast.

It was the second such drill since March, when Tokyo instructed local governments to review their contingency plans and conduct evacuation exercises.

A similar drill was conducted Sunday in the neighboring prefecture of Fukuoka in southern Japan, and others are planned over the next few months.
Tell me again how two aircraft carrier groups operating off the coast of N. Korea is normal.  Tell me again how PACOM hasn't taken its troops off alert is normal.  Tell me that the 31st MEU setting sail with no exercises announced for the next couple of months is normal.

You thought that the N. Korean drama was over because it's not on the front pages?  You thought wrong.  Seems like the Japanese are getting its civilian population prepped for missile strikes in the near term.  That ain't normal either.

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