Monday, June 05, 2017

Russia's Lavina Amphibious Assault Ship to highlight KA-52 Attack Helos.

via Sputnik
The Russian Navy expects to receive two brand new Lavina ('Avalanche')-class amphibious assault ships under the next state armaments procurement program. According to the Ministry of Defense, the ships will take the place of the Mistrals, the two French vessels which Moscow ordered but never received.

The new ships, expected to be delivered before 2025, are distinct from the Project 11711 Ivan Gren class of landing ships that are currently being built for the Russian Navy. According to Zvezda, the official television network of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Lavina design "looks more like the Mistral, in that it features a bare carrier deck used to base Ka-52K attack and Ka-32 ASW helicopters."

Lavina-class ships will be fitted with a powerful anti-aircraft system onboard, in the form of the  naval version of the Pantsir-S. Furthermore, the amphibious assault ships will feature the AK-176MA 76.2 mm naval gun, a weapons system that's controlled and fired using a digital guidance system.
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