Wednesday, June 21, 2017

LAV 700 enters production.

via Janes.
General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada (GDLS Canada) has released additional details of its latest 8x8 Light Armoured Vehicle 700 (LAV 700) vehicle, which is now in production for an unidentified export customer. This is believed to be Saudi Arabia.

The LAV 700 leverages on technology from the 8x8 Stryker infantry carrier vehicles (ICVs) and its variants built for the US Army as well as the latest LAV 6.0 currently in production for Canada.

When compared with earlier LAV platforms, the latest LAV 700 features a new and larger hull on which increased payload and protection can be carried. The gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the vehicle depends on the variant and weapons fit but the company is currently quoting 32,000 kg, including a payload capacity of 11,000 kg.
Story here. 

Interesting.  Did you know that the Patria AMV is weight limited to 30 tons so that it maintains a high degree of mobility?  That's what the quick overview says on the Aussie variant.  Is the weight limit box broken or are they still constrained.  That testing in Mississippi of the ACV.  I GOT TO GET THERE!

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