Wednesday, June 21, 2017

USAF gives House Armed Services Committee secret report on restarting F-22 line...

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via Washington Examiner.
The Air Force has provided the House a classified report on restarting the F-22 Raptor fighter jet program, congressional staff said Tuesday.

The House Armed Services Committee received the report two days ago, but staff said it was still being reviewed.

House lawmakers ordered the report last year to determine what it would take and how much it might cost to begin producing the high-tech, fifth generation aircraft again.

Congress voted in 2009 to stop purchasing the F-22 stealth fighters after just 187 were made, hundreds less than the Air Force had planned.

Armed Services, under its chairman Rep. Mac Thornberry, has been considering whether the additional aircraft might still be built for the service to fill U.S. air power needs.
I am officially in the land of mirrors when it comes to this stuff.  Dunford says the F-35 is the best thing since sliced bread, but we hear and see the USAF spending mad money on upgrading over 800 F-16s.  We see Lockheed Martin bragging about the potential to sell hundreds of F-35's to allies but we see this news.

The cherry on top?  We never got any word on that expedited study that Mattis ordered comparing the F-35C to the Super Hornet for the US Navy (results never released and no defense journalist has asked about it), but we got word that the Navy was buying MANY more Super Hornets.

Someone is lying their asses off.

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