Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Leonardo develops its M346 Fighter-Attack Variant!

via Flightglobal.
Leonardo has taken the wraps off the most advanced version of its M-346, with the fighter attack (FA) standard to be capable of performing combat duties and also serving in an aggressor role.
On show in the company’s static display, the M-346FA can carry an array of air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles and precision-guided bombs. Its maximum weapons load will be more than 2t spread across seven stores stations, Leonardo says.
Story here. 

Awesome.  The entire world has been looking for the next A-4 SkyHawk and this has the potential to fill those big, unfilled shoes.

A VERY capable, robust, agile light fighter attack platform is what the world needs and I personally don't feel that the Tucano fills that bill (just my opinion).  What's needed is a light weight fighter that can flex from air defense (short range...maybe longer with the right missiles), assault escort (helo and mech raids), light attack and even close air support.

In essence the A-4 reborn.

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