Thursday, June 15, 2017

McGregor must be looking for one last big payday to accept the fight with Mayweather...

McGregor must either be out of his mind or looking for one last big payday to accept the fight with Mayweather.

A boxing match?

Unless we hear some details that allow a bit of Mixed Martial Arts to be used then this thing makes no sense.  McGregor is a nice striker but no where on the same level as Mayweather.

I've been getting the feel that McGregor was ready to punch out and enjoy the fruits of his labor for awhile now but this seals it.  I bet he's told Dana the same.

Unless something weird happens then this should be a win for Mayweather.  Unfortunately for McGregor fans, an easy win.  The only thing I can't figure is the legacy angle.  What will this do to McGregor's legacy?  On that front he has much less to lose than Mayweather.  If it was a MMA bought and Mayweather lost to McGregor then he'd still be recognized as the best boxer of his time who lost to one of the best MMA Fighters of the era.

The same should apply to McGregor but he has some fickle fans.  Many believe he walks on water so it might be a bit different for him.  Add to it that MMA proponents believe that its the ultimate combat sport and you see a potential issue.

I don't think it'll be worth the money to even watch.  If you have an internet hook up and can stream it for free then that's a much better option in my opinion.  It just won't be a good fight.

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