Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Politics Talk. They haven't laid a glove on Sessions...

Watching this Senate hearing and Sessions is rolling, trolling and making an ass out of these Senators.

It's really a sight to behold.

That chick from California tried her best to be a thorn in his side but the crazy old bastard just sat back and grinned at her.  I could almost see the blood boiling in her eyes.  She was pissed!

Anyway, it looks like the Russia collusion story is deader than disco.  The only thing left is really the possibility of Trump "interfering" in the investigation so that won't fly either.

If Trump can keep his mouth shut, stop tweeting and get down to doing the work of passing his legislation then he can salvage his first year in office.  Flynn and a couple other people will probably have to be sacrificed on the altar but he can simply pardon those people and get this done/wrapped up/put a period on the whole affair.

I don't know how he finally pulled his chestnuts out of this fire (cause the dems had the gas out) but it looks like he will win.

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