Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tata’s Next-Gen Light Strike Vehicle

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pics above and story via drivepark.
Spy-shots of an armoured vehicle have found their way online after a forum member of posted them there. It was a heavily camouflaged test mule and the initial giveaways prove that it is a Light Armoured Vehicle from Tata Motors.

Armoured vehicles are one of the big reasons for the families of those serving in the armed forces to be at peace. These armoured vehicles help the infantry to go into the thick of battle without exposing themselves to gunfire from enemy forces.

Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV) are used by defence forces around the world especially in counter-insurgency operations, to get soldiers in and out of the area quickly and safely, in turn increasing efficiency and helping the troops accomplish their mission.

A graphic sketch of the LSV shows how much more armour has been added. The cabin up front is now bullet-proof with military grade doors and small windows with toughened glass. The Sketch also shows a hatch for the roof-mounted machine gun operator to fire out of.

The rear of the LSV V2 carries over the open space, still allowing the LSV to be a multi-purpose vehicle. The LSV should be able to carry troops, ammunition, food and supplies to the front of the battle-field.

The LSV V2 with its multi-purpose utility capabilities, 100+ km/h top speed and small size should be able to do what the big armed vehicles possibly cannot. But would it bag any orders from the Indian armed forces or that of any other nation? Well, we would have to wait and see. But for now, it is still undergoing tests.

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