Wednesday, June 07, 2017

That attack in Iran is much bigger than I thought. Iran Republican Guard promises revenge...

Our MidEast strategy should be so clear now.  We can easily bring Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria into our sphere of influence or at least get them to work with us.

Everyone of those nations have suffered terror attacks by ISIS.  They've already committed forces to the fight so all we have to do is de-conflict the theater and go after ISIS whole hog.

What will it take?  Putting the Cold War zealots back in the cage.  Tell Saudi Arabia to pound sand and to understand that ISIS is a threat to them too (eventually if not now).  And tell Israel to chill out...we got this shit...and to work with Russia specifically to keep Syria and Iran in quiet mode once ISIS is eradicated.

This could work.  We just need the will to try.

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