Tuesday, June 13, 2017

US Army Special Forces on the ground in the Philippine fight?

Thanks to Dustin for the pics!

Dustin gave the coordinates of where these pics were taken and they check out but I'm still not sure.  I mean really!  How lax are the Special Forces bubbas.  I get the civilian clothes but they're kinda bright against all that vegetation.  NVGs?  I just can't be sure of what I'm seeing here.  They just don't look like they're going into the bush to me.  If its a city fight then they still just don't look right to me.

But I don't know.  I've never been around these guys when they're operating like this so maybe its legit.

What I do know is that it adds up.  When you see American aircraft circling overhead then nine times out of ten there are US forces somewhere on the ground relaying information.

That's just a fact.

Our allies try hard.  The Philippine Soldiers are tough as rooster teeth but they don't have the technological skill to do what our guys can or relay the info needed to be effective in the way that we fight.

So yeah, we're probably wading into the Philippine fight.  I estimate we're ankle deep, quickly heading toward knee and before its all over McMaster will have us hip deep in this ongoing quagmire.

Never trust leaders that are infatuated with ongoing operations rather than victory!

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