Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Your Tues WTF! moment. Rodman goes back to N. Korea.

via Guardian.
Flamboyant former NBA star Dennis Rodman has arrived in North Korea, saying he wants to “open the door” to the regime and claiming that Donald Trump would be pleased with his mission.

Sporting a baseball cap, sunglasses and a black T-shirt emblazoned with the logo of sponsor PotCoin – a cryptocurrency for the legal cannabis industry – Rodman was greeted at Pyongyang airport by sports vice-minister Son Kwang Ho and journalists.

“I’m just trying to open the door,” the ex-Chicago Bulls player told reporters at Beijing airport before boarding his Air Koryo flight.

Asked whether he had spoken with Trump about his trip, Rodman said: “I’m pretty sure he’s pretty much happy with the fact that I’m over here trying to accomplish something that we both need.”

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Rodman’s trip to North Korea is at least his fifth. Most recently in 2014 he attracted criticism after being filmed singing happy birthday to his “friend for life”, the authoritarian leader Kim Jong-un.

The latest visit comes amid high tensions between Washington and Pyongyang following a series of missile tests by the North, which have triggered tightened UN sanctions.

The 56-year-old NBA star, who was heavily criticised for failing to raise the plight of a jailed US missionary on a previous trip, said discussing detained US citizens was “not my purpose right now”. Four Americans are currently being detained by Pyongyang.

Rodman is one of the few westerners to have met Kim, who took over following the death of his father Kim Jong-il in 2011.

It is not clear whether Rodman will be meeting Kim Jong-un during the current trip, or what its exact purpose is.

He said in Beijing his aim was to try to “bring sports to North Korea”. Rodman has met Kim on some but not all of his previous trips.
So let me get this straight.  The US Navy has 2 and soon 3 carrier strike groups off the coast of N. Korea.  Additionally at least one Marine Expeditionary Unit and a couple of subs are hovering off the coast.  The USAF has sortied bombers to the area for training exercises and every other week we're seeing "elephant walks" for various aircraft capable of launching strikes...everything from A-10s, to F-16s to F-15s....

Not to be outdone the US Army has an entire division on alert (2nd ID) and more than likely the 25th ID is jumping around looking slack eyed and silly wanting to test those new jungle boots out.

I haven't even mentioned the fact that the N. Koreans are firing off Ballistic Missiles and Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles while the Japanese are conducting evacuation drills for some of their cities.

And this is the situation that Dennis Rodman decides to parachute into?

Is he on crack?  Wait.  Don't answer that.  Is he fucking crazy?  Wait.  Don't answer that either.

This is truly a "What the Fuck" moment....as in what the fuck is this guy thinking! 

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