Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Where you at with the 10K Crunch Challenge?

You doing the 10K crunch challenge?  No?  Then this ain't for you.  Go to the next blog post.

You are?  Way to go hardcore!  Stay the course.  It ain't even hard yet, but if
you're having a little difficulty then stick to it.  Your only competitor is yourself and this is the first of many steps toward letting out that beast that lurks inside the souls of all men.

Fitness is done for many reasons...to attract the opposite sex...to maintain or exceed a performance goal...to feel good...as a type of antidepressant...whatever the case stick to it.

This post isn't about anything but encouraging the one or two people that picked up the challenge to hang tough.  It's a challenge but one that is for you and about you.

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