Saturday, July 01, 2017

120 mm “Rak” (Crayfish) self-propelled turreted mortar on Patria AMV chassis enters service.

via Defense 24.
17th “Wielkopolska” Mechanized Brigade has officially received the elements of the first company-level fire unit including the 120 mm “Rak” (Crayfish) self-propelled mortar, based on a wheeled platform. And thus, the unit became the first element that has the artillery assets based on the Rosomak APC within its inventory. Rak system has been designed for provision of direct support at the battalion level.

Handing off the first elements of the company fire module utilizing the Rak self-propelled mortar, based on a wheeled platform, for active service translates into initiation of deliveries of the self-propelled, Rosomak-based mortars for the regular units of the Polish Army. This bears quite a significant meaning, since the aforesaid assets would become a part of the support elements of the motorized battalions, also utilizing the Rosomak platform. After the new mortars are introduced into the inventory, meaningful improvement of the combat potential would be achieved. 
Story, more pics here. 

Wow.  Kinda feel sorry for the Army Dawgs.  When they send another Stryker Unit to train with the Poles they're gonna look over and see a more capable vehicle being operated by an ally.

That has got to be getting old.

They're taking steps to get our armored house in order, but it would be nice if money could be found to accelerate the effort.  Everywhere I look I can credibly make the case that we've fallen behind.

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