Saturday, July 01, 2017

It wasn't 17 Intel Agencies that agreed on Russian was 4 ~!!!!!

via Sic Semper Tyrannus!
Republican members of Congress admitted that the non-paper had been coordinated with only three members of the IC:  FBI (Comey), NSA (Rogers), and CIA (Brennan).  Clapper and Brennan evidently could not get the concurrence of any of the other agencies: Army, Treasury, Energy, etc.  They could not get the concurrence of DIA and State INR.  Did that slow up the MSM, NY Times, the 24/7 propagandists like Joe and Mika?  It did not.  Their program is to restore the revolution for which Obama and HC were enablers.  To do that they will lie, omit salient facts from the news and persecute all those who do not share their fanatic leftist dreams. 
Story here.

NOW DO YOU GET THE FORCE OF CONNECTION!  Many Americans aren't even paying close enough attention to this story to get the latest updates and retractions being issued by the news media/deep state but it should be obvious to those who do.

The US public has been subjected to information warfare on a scale we've never seen before in an attempt to undermine the Trump Administration.

Even worse?  This plan includes both political parties, the deep state (to include various members of the military) and our intel services.

We should be afraid.  Very afraid.  But its not the Russians that should worry us.  Not even the Chinese (although I still contend that we will be a fight for national survival against them in my lifetime).

We should be afraid of our own govt.  The soft coup has been broken, but the threat remains.  They showed a bit of their power and we can assume that this will be studied for the next time the "people" put someone in power that is not agreeable to the desires of the elite.

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