Monday, July 17, 2017

ADD - KFX Stealth Fighter AESA Radar Combat Simulation

Hard to believe that just 25 or so years ago, AESA radar was a boutique and unique item that many in the US believed wouldn't spread far and wide.

Fast forward to today?

It's everywhere.  Air, sea and even ground based AESA arrays have changed everything when it comes to aerial warfare.  Detection ranges are longer and we haven't kept pace when it comes to missile development.  Additionally it seems that "frontal stealth" has been trumped.

Doesn't it seem like a consensus has been reached on stealth?  Partial stealth seems to be the wave of the future (and honestly the F-35 should be classed as such)...the Russians, Chinese and even S. Koreans are headed in that direction.  Japan looks set to MAYBE introduce a full stealth airplane along the lines of an F-22 type beast but we're still waiting.

AESA.  Unique at one time but not anymore.

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