Thursday, July 27, 2017

All is NOT well in SAIC land. The ACV is over budget and Subject Matter Experts (read that to mean former/ret Marines) are being let go...

Hey all.

A little birdy landed in my in-box and hit me with some pretty interesting and disturbing news out of SAIC.

First is that they're letting go of all the Subject Matter Experts on the AAV Survivability Upgrade/ACV projects and second, the ACV project is 13 million dollars over budget!

Yeah. You read that right.

Some of you will try and dismiss this as simply being a case of disinformation, or me being trolled.  Don't fall for it!  The last time I got this type information on a project it was rock solid.  I tried to follow up on it and got no answer from the involved parties (the Lockheed Martin betrayal of Patria in the initial ACV selection)...later we saw Patria drop out entirely and Lockheed Martin try to paste together an ACV on the fly.

Long story short.  This has the smell of fact not fiction  If you have stock in SAIC assuming that they're gonna successfully make the move into armored vehicle manufacturing then it might be time to short sell it...better a little loss than a big one!

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