Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Carlson bodyslams LtCol Ralph Peters over Russia...vid is a must watch!

Thanks to Uncle Max for the link!

This vid is fascinating and shows how weak neo-con arguments are with regard to Russia.  Why neo-cons have focused like a laser on Russia is beyond me.  I suspect (but definitely don't know) that it's some scheme to have greater influence in the Middle East.  For some reason that has been the center of gravity for that movement since they were born.

Carlson drilled this down to the bare bones.  America should act in its own interests (as should all nations) and at this moment that means killing ISIS, putting Assad on the back burner and doing work to calm the idiocy in the Middle East.

If we can team with Russia to send our people to the space station, get supplies to Afghanistan and buy precious minerals from them then we certainly can work together to stop terrorism.

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