Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Rumblings about the US Army cheating in its handgun competition grow larger...

Thanks to SpudmanWP for the link!

First thanks to Spudman.  We might disagree about the F-35 but we're eye to eye on almost everything else.

Second.  I've been hearing grumblings about the Army handgun contest for awhile now but things are getting louder.  Yeah I know.  I did the samething. I thought it was Glock Nation being pissed off and sore losers (I'm guilty as charged...I'm part of that tribe and didn't understand the decision), but no...there are solid reasons to believe that the Army broke its own protocols in making this decision.

What is my hope?

I hope the USMC gets its head out of the sand, standardizing on the MARSOC handgun (Glock 19) and gets away from the Army's madness.

No way the Sig is better than Glock.  No way in hell.

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