Sunday, July 02, 2017

China continues to re-organize its Army for Expeditionary Warfare via China Defense Blog...

Via China Defense Blog
- The 127th Division of the former 54th GA has been split up into 2 brigades.  One of them is the 127th Combined-Arms Brigade and is based upon the old 379th Mechanized Regiment.

-  The former 132nd Motorized Infantry Brigade, Hainan MD, Guangzhou MR is now the 132nd Combined-Arms Brigade (合成第132旅) of the 74th GA

 - The 188th Mechanized Infantry Brigade of the former 27th GA is now the 188th Combined Arms Brigade (合成第188旅) of the 82nd GA.
Story here. 

Consider this your daily SNAFU! Blog banging the drum about China gearing up for a war with us.  Have you been keeping up with the re-organization the Chinese are doing?  It's downright stunning both in its speed and scope.

What should alarm our planners is that this isn't a "home defense" type effort.  From my chair they seem to be building a force that is expeditionary in nature.  Not in the USMC fashion but more along the lines of what we see in the US Army.  It looks to me like they're designing complete (to a far greater extent than the Army's Brigade Combat Teams) combined arms units that will bring with them the total package.  The only thing they lack is the integration of air into their formations.

If they get around to cracking that code then we're gonna be in serious trouble.

Imagine a country with a large, technologically advanced force that can push units in the same way that was theorized as the way the Soviet Union would.  I'm talking about pushing units and absorbing casualties till they were down to 50% of their normal battle strength and then replacing them in the line with a fresh 'battlegroup' and continued the assault.

If they decide to incorporate current Western military formations with old Soviet tactics then they could take entire swaths of land in days instead of weeks.  Casualties would be appalling but the outcome would never be in doubt.  Even worse?  The issue would be decided before we could spool up our response.

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