Sunday, July 23, 2017

Did General Dunford warn of a possible war with N. Korea?

via SHTF Plan.
“Many people have talked about military options with words like ‘unimaginable. I would probably shift that slightly and say it would be horrific, and it would be a loss of life unlike any we have experienced in our lifetimes, and I mean anyone who’s been alive since World War II has never seen the loss of life that could occur if there’s a conflict on the Korean Peninsula. But as I’ve told my counterparts, both friend and foe, it is not unimaginable to have military options to respond to North Korean nuclear capability. What’s unimaginable to me is allowing a capability that would allow a nuclear weapon to land in Denver, Colorado. That’s unimaginable to me. So my job will be to develop military options to make sure that doesn’t happen.”
Story here. 

Everything I've read indicates to me that forces are being moved in place for a conflict with N. Korea.

Statements like the one above just confirm to me what I'm seeing with my own two eyes.

Forces are being moved and the campaign to prepare the American public for the conflict is in full swing.

Don't be confused.  It's low level now with a story or two every couple of days.  As a matter of fact N. Korea is being covered on MSNBC this morning as part of their "news roll".

What should you look for?

Military movements?  I don't think so.  Everything that was going to be done for public consumption has already been done.  What you should look for is more breathless claims of N. Korea assembling an ICBM.  Graphics showing what would happen if one of their low yield nuclear weapons exploded over Honolulu or San Diego or even Los Angeles (in this regard ship movements might be telling...where are the ABM capable Burkes?).

When you see the average American talking about war with N. Korea then you will know that it's about to kick off.

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