Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fitness Tips. What to take, what to avoid...

Yeah guys...hitting another period of "enhanced" workouts so I've been checking the web for the latest and greatest on supplements.  Check out the article I found (below) that gives some of the skinny on what works and doesn't.
Sorting Out Fitness Supplements

There are many different fitness supplements on the market. There are also many claims about these supplements. Some of them are wonderful and can do wonders for your overall fitness, including boosting your efforts and making it easier for you to build muscle and get in shape. However, there are just as many supplements that are nothing but useless junk. In some cases, there are some that could even be harmful.

If you are considering taking supplements to boost your diet and exercise routine, then you need to get informed before ingesting anything. Taking supplements without doing research can be very bad. In most cases, the worst that will happen is you waste your hard-earned money, but there is also the chance you could harm your body.

Top Options

In general, the top options in supplements are going to be backed by science. They will be natural products that are pure and not mixed with unknown ingredients. They usually feature one main ingredient that is well-researched and proven to help the body in some way. They also are usually the most popular items you hear top weightlifters and athletes are using. However, not every supplement that fits these criteria will be genuine, so here are a few you can trust.

Protein powder, which is quite popular in the gym, is a perfectly fine supplement. It uses science-backed ideology. Protein is an essential build block in the body for strong and healthy muscles. In your daily diet, you may not be eating enough protein, so supplementing with a powder is a good way to go. Protein can assist with building and repairing muscles.

Creatine is another great option. It is touted as being the best choice. If you only take one supplement, then this is the one to choose. It is well-researched and has many proven benefits. It can aid with endurance, muscle repair, strength, and building. It is a natural product and produced in the body, but diet alone often doesn't allow for enough production, so you can supplement.

Beta-Alanine is an amino acid that is not created by the body. However, it does get created in the body through certain reactions. To boost the beta-alanine in your body, you can supplement. This has been shown to help with preventing muscle fatigue, which can enable you to workout stronger and longer.

Ones to Avoid

As pointed out by Supplement Critique, there are some supplements that are little more than junk. These are often touted in fake news articles as being the easiest and best way to build muscle and lose weight. They are often written about in a way that suggests top athletes use them, even though this is completely false. They are sold using tricky methods and deceptive fake news reports. Generally, when it comes to supplements, if it seems too good to be true, then it is. You will never be able to take a pill and magically become fit. It always takes work. Here's a look at three top culprits trying to trick you into believing they are amazing supplements.

Acai Berry has been seen online a lot. It has been stated that it is a miracle weight loss drug. However, there is no science to back this up. Furthermore, there is no proof. Millions of people took this supplement with no results.

Gardenia Cambogia is another supplement that was said to produce amazing results. Just as with the acai berry, it is worthless. There is no science behind it. It also doesn't work as proven by the many people who fell victim to the deceptive ads.

Green coffee extract seems like it is a good supplement. It comes from coffee beans and contains caffeine, which has been proven to help with weight management. However, it hasn't been shown to be effective, and any research into it was done by the people selling it.

When it comes to supplements, you should look at them as something to help, not a solution. Any supplement making outrageous claims is likely fake. You always have to work to get healthy and build muscles. It won't happen from taking a pill, which should be obvious. If that was really possible, then everyone would look great and obesity would be a thing of the past. So, choose your supplements carefully and watch out for the signs of a bad supplement.
Personally I'm amazed.  Gardenia Cambogia is the latest "hotness" and almost every female I know is drinking that stuff down like it's water. Can't wait to tell them that it's worthless!  Same with green coffee extract.

Could all these people be operating under a placebo effect and just fooling themselves into believing that it works?

Regardless its good to know that protein and creatine does the job, 'cause they're staples in my supplement line up.

Blast and cruise guys, blast and cruise....turn up the volume on your workouts and then turn it down a bit but keep churning...that's how you keep from burning out as we chase the fitness thing!

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