Thursday, July 06, 2017

Have you seen the USMC's Expeditionary Advance Base Operations document? It's FANTASTIC!!!

Thanks to Think Defense Blog for the link!

This!  Below are some of the ideas that we've all been talking about for so long finally with the seal of approval from HQMC!  New Wars Blog where ever you are, they're finally listening bro!

This will make your heart sing.  The link to the PDF is here but below are some JPG conversions (of the pdf) of the concepts that gave me a woody...

Ok.  Honesty time.  This one doesn't thrill me so much but it does make me say wow.  I never imagined they'd want to "upgun" an MV-22 to this degree. A chin gun, side firing 30 mm cannon?  The only thing missing is kicking some SDB's off the back ramp and we'd have a mini-Spectre Gunship.

I'm just glad they're actually looking at a LOW PROFILE weapon system for existing (I think that means AAV and ACV) vehicles.  I will never understand why the Army went with that huge setup for the Stryker but I'm not impressed.  Too tall and bulky for a vehicle that is already tall and bulky.  That system was a miss for the Army dawgs.

The whole thing is a very nice read.  Will even half of it make it across the finish line?  I doubt it.  We just don't have the money.  Is it what we've all been talking about from back when NEW WARS BLOG was pushing new concepts and influencing me to do the thing here, to CDR Salamander and Ultimate Ratio Reg beating back the status quo sycophants over at USNI Blog?

You bet it is!

We should all be encouraged.  If nothing else, someone, somewhere on Quantico thinks about the possibilities just like we do.

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