Thursday, July 06, 2017

What the hell is this Chinese monstrosity masquerading as a self propelled gun? UPDATE!

Thanks to "NO" for the pic!

Don't ask cause I don't know.  "NO" found this in his tweeter feed and it was captioned as being a new Chinese self propelled gun.

Is it from a movie set for some local Sci-Fi flick?  I have no idea.  Is it and new setup for their airborne and Marine forces?  I have no idea.

Hopefully someone will forward this to Chris Foss at Janes and he can give us the skinny on whether this is real or Memorex (if you remember that saying we played in the same playgrounds).

UPDATE!  A google search of the pic shows this pic popping up on a few Russian Armor websites/forums.  They seem to indicate that it's for Airborne Forces but no further info.  It just occurred to me that the base vehicle is interesting on its own.  Is this a general purpose rig or specially designed to be an arty mule?

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