Sunday, July 30, 2017

MMA News. Jones destroyed Cormier and Cyborg sent a message but deleted it!

I didn't even watch this one.  The result was predictable and the fight wasn't compelling.  Cormier was never in Jon Jones class and any fight fan knew it.  If Jones could keep from doing bonehead things and popping on every little stupid drug test then the belt would be his again.

Last night proved that right.

As far as the ladies division?  It's dying the same death that Women's bodybuilding has.  At least the mass monster part of ladies bodybuilding.  Bikini and Fitness class is still going strong but the huge women?  They're going the way of the Dodo bird and so is Women's MMA.

When you have the owner of a company saying that his women's champ looks like a male fighter in a dress then you know things aren't going well.

I'm just the messenger so don't hate me.  I'm calling it like I see it.

Having said that I got a direct message from Cyborg last night but when I went to retrieve it this morning it had been deleted.  I SO WISH I COULD READ WHAT SHE SAID!  Cyborg is skilled and she obviously has good genetics but the androgens she's taking are wrecking her body.

The problem for her?  She's in a position now where she can't stop or even slow down (I guess she could retire as champ but that would require her to choose between money and health...a simple choice for many but not her).

My prediction?  She'll fight and cycle so that she doesn't get busted and will retire in a year or two.  The MMA women's division will be in turmoil and fans will go away and not return.  Dana was right but in the wrong way.  Women's MMA could flourish but it needed tight controls but once the juiceheads invaded it took them down a dead end street.

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