Sunday, July 30, 2017

U.S. Bombers Conduct Bilateral Mission With Allies In Response To North Korea ICBM Launch (vid)

This is LAME!

Why is our response so predictable and weak?  No one cares about a "demonstration" of force that's just a few aircraft flying close to the border!  We do that shit every damn day anyway!!!!!

It's just like sanctions.  We've used that card so much that we're helping develop a system outside of our control.  Even with the latest sanctions against Russia, the US media is ignoring the fact that Merkel is the MAIN ONE complaining!

We've got to totally rethink our drink.  Our govt has gone back to the well several times too many and the demonstrations of disapproval no longer even get the attention of people like me anymore!

When I post a vid with the intention of slamming the operation then you know you have a problem.  When that operation is to deter N. Korea and I believe that we could see war on that peninsula then that's worse.

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