Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Weird News. Naked man chops off penis and then charges cops!

via Heavy.com
 video shows a naked man covered in blood after appearing to cut off his own penis angrily charging at Chicago Police officers.

The man, who hasn’t yet been identified by authorities, appears to be high on some kind of drug in the video clip, which was recorded July 24 in the Irving Park community near the intersection of Grace Street and Drake Avenue, the Daily Mail reported.

The man is noticeably covered in blood coming from his crotch area, and he starts shouting at the male recording the video, who’s standing behind a metal fence with at least one friend. Additional puddles of blood are visible on the sidewalk in front of the home.

The person who’s recording the video screams back at the man, urging him to “calm down” before noting that police were on scene. The suspect turns to the responding officers and immediately charges at them.
Go here to watch this batshit craziness! 

What would make a person cut his own dingle dangle off and charge police?  There has to be some new super drug on the streets to get this type reaction...could that zombie drug we heard about in Florida be spreading?

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